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Thu, Feb 21, 2019 | Last Updated 5:42 am IST

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Abbayitho Ammayi Telugu Movie Review, Rating

- 0.5/5
Abbayitho Ammayi Telugu Movie Review, Rating ఈ సినిమా రివ్యూ ను తెలుగులో చదవండి

What Is Good

  • Cinematography

What Is Bad

  • Screenplay
  • Slow paced Narration
  • No proper entertainment values
  • Lags in the both the half’s
  • Direction
  • Characterizations
  • Situation less songs and Editing
Bottom Line: Abbayitho Ammayi is a regal bore.


The story of Abbayitho Ammayi starts as our hero Abhi (Naga Shaurya) gets influenced by two different worlds. The first is the real world, where he gets attracted to Prarthana (Palak Laalwani) and in the second world, he is virtually connected to a girl with Samantha’s profile pic (which is being online on social media). In a real world, Prarthana – Abhi feel the inevitable fatal attraction towards each other. They start dating and share the sweet things. That’s when the news breaks out to respective families, due to the contrary conditions at Prarthana’s home, she gets to stay with Abhi’s parents (Mohan & Tulasi). At this time, Prarthana gets closer to her virtual world friend with Pawan Kalyan’s profile pic. As Abhi realizes that it was not only the fault of her, but the fault lies with both of them. But it’s too late. If you wanna know the ending of the film, you need to watch this teenage entertainer Abbayitho Ammayi.

Star Performance

Naga Shaurya is at ease in the role. But there is barely anything at all for Naga Shaurya to do in this film. For the most part of it, he remains a loser as is expected of him, starts understanding issues once he gets chucked out of the home. Palak Lalwani looks lucent, but terribly hams, because she doesn’t have much of a character to work with here. Yesteryear actor Mohan – Tulasi – Rao Ramesh are wasted in small roles, they even got overboard most of the times.

Techinical Team

The story of Abbayitho Ammayi tries to explain, “Why teens are freer to open themselves and express their feelings in social media than real world”. Thematically, movie is bound to generate mixed opinions on that. There would be people who would totally distance themselves from the virtual world on their own belief. A few might take to it more empathetically and judge it on it on its merits as a cinematic piece than dwell on it subjectively. As a cinematic piece, Abbayitho Ammayi fails to impress. There are several occasions when the film appears a bit amateurish and several other instances when it might appear a bit over exaggerated. The logical loopholes in the script are too many that one would lose count of them. Most importantly there  is no proper explanation given regarding, why Abhi’s friend is trying to flirt a unknown person on Facebook with Samantha’s profile pic, even after having a beautiful gal in his life. Direction by Ramesh Varma is directionless.

The script is what suffers from serious deficiencies, most related to creativity. The dialogues aren’t any better. There are a few good visuals by Shyam K Naidu that sadly appear out of place in this otherwise forgettable film. Maestro Illayaraja’s music is pleasant on ears, but they remind few of Ilayaraja’s earlier compositions. Movie could have looked a bit better with editing and lesser of forced melodrama. The choreography is infantile. Production values of JJ Ciemas are adequate.


Here is yet another film that talks of a teenage couple, who have been confused between infatuation and love. Ramesh Varma’s Abbayitho Ammayi takes things further, and blends it with some fate and at times the lack of it, to make it a plot that is tenuous at best. The whole plot is slightly embarrassing for the viewer, in that the bits and pieces are knotted together so clumsily that it isn’t even accidently entertaining, simply doesn’t display an attempt to put together even the semblance of a plot.

Cast & Crew

4 / 5 - 1898
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