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Tue, Nov 13, 2018 | Last Updated 12:17 am IST

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Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam Tamil Movie Review, Rating

- 1/5
Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam Tamil Movie Review, Rating

What Is Good

  • Selvaraghavan's script

What Is Bad

  • Male lead
  • Second half
  • TASMAC scenes
Bottom Line: Overall, A passable affair !


Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam is the story of Prabhu (Balakrishna Kola) and Manoja (Wamiqa Gabbi). They are two contrasting individuals who get into an arranged marriage. Selvaraghavan is back with a simple love story of a couple who has got contrasting preferences and priorities with real-time scenarios what we see in our day to day life. The narration clearly says how arranged marriages are planned and the couples are pushed into a relationship. But most of us can feel that the movie has lots of resemblance towards Maniratnam's 'Mouna Raagam' movie.

Star Performance

Balakrishna Kola has just got an entry card as his father was a famous editor. But he still has a long way to go to get an entry card into Kollywood. Just because his father is a renowned person, he can't survive in this field. One must have sheer talent. He is more of a moronic person than a naive one. In short, a typical Selvaraghavan hero. Wamiqa is cute and chubby and fits the bill. She is hot in bedroom scenes. But even she has to go a long way. Only these two are central characters and the rest of the characters don't have much to offer. 

Techinical Team

In Technical side, the person who gets all accolades in Selvaraghavan. The perfect script writer is back. He has shown the perfect problems which are happening in arranged marriage. The entire script is well written. Selvaraghavan has shown how things get bad in an arranged marriage. The differences right from food, music to life style was shown perfectly. As a writer he also has shown spot light on illiterate people's views of a guy on sex and marriage. Amrit's Music is pretty good at times and pretty sloppy at times. Two songs are catchy. Rest are below average. Rukesh's editing is crisp. But he could have saved the second half as it was so draggy. Sridhar's cinematography catches the bedroom and inside of every living room with natural lightings and simple frames. Production values are not taht great. 


The movie starts off in an engaging manner with completely realistic and raw film making. It was an uncompromising and unadulterated stuff during the first half. The Interval block is a lot disturbing and no wonder the movie got 'A' certification. But the second half has completely spoiled the show. The usual sluggish writing makes the movie a dull affair. The TASMAC scenes are annoying. More than banning TASMAC, People should fight for banning TASMAC scenes on movies. That TASMAC song deserves a tight slap. 

Cast & Crew

2 / 5 - 448
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