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Wed, Nov 14, 2018 | Last Updated 12:23 pm IST

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Finding Dory Movie Review And Rating

- 3/5
Finding Dory Movie Review And Rating

What Is Good

  • Visual effects
  • Music
  • Cinematography

What Is Bad

  • Nothing Really !
Bottom Line: A Cult-Classic from Childhood is 'Revisited' !


Okay Kids ! Your NEMO is back again ! This time, it is Dory who has to be found out. Dory is now living Marlin and Nemo for an year since the events of first part. And during a concussion Dory remembers her parents and it is somewhere near California. She gets aid from Marlin and Nemo and she sets off to find them. But she gets caught by humans and she is taken to Monterey Marine Life Institute, later to be shipped to Cleveland. Dory gets helped from seven-tentacled Octopus, Hank and her old pal Destiny, Whale shark and a Beluga Whale which had problems with his echolocalation. Will Dory Meets her parents or not or is she late for reunion ? What happens to Nemo during this ? All answers to be watched on Silver screen.

Star Performance

The characters in this movie are great, but against the unforgettable cast of Finding Nemo, they can't compete. But still Ellen DeGeneres as Dory, Albert Brooks as Marlin, Ed O'Neill as Hank things just get perfect. Hayden Rolence has given voice for 'Hank' character. The movie  pulls at your emotional chords, especially those scenes where Dory remembers her parents. The voice over itself gives us some depth and feel. The humour is apt and there are some ROTFL moments. Ellen DeGeneres makes us fall in love with the happy-go-lucky Dory once again.ayden Rolence who replaced Alexander Gould as the voice for Nemo has given some nostalgic moments. The surprise package is the new character 'Hank' which was Voiced by the brilliantly cast Ed O’Neill.

Techinical Team

The movie was absolutely incredible and one of Pixar's best. The voice cast is absolutely perfect, and work so well with the characters. Dory stands in as the protagonist in this film. This transition was not made perfect by Pixar in Cars 2 or Monsters University, but they have finally made protagonist changing perfect. Screenplay by Andrew stanton is one of the best and he deserves al credits right now. Axel Geddes keeps the running time to check. The entire movie runs just for span of 97 minutes. Thomas Newman has made a brilliant musical score. In the end credits they have used 'Unforgettable' song and that is to remind us that the movie is the same as 'Finding Nemo'. Jeremy Lasky  has done a neat job with Cinematography. All the lightings and frames are so perfect. In an animation movie, the accolades must reach the Visual effects workers. Krzysztof Rost as Visual effects artist and Chris J. Chapman as Effects Supervisor have done an incredible job.


Pixar sequels are no ordinary follow-ups. The movie has some heartfelt moments. The lighting on the ocean has gotten much better since the last movie and it looks more realistic. However, the cartoon characters still blend well with the realistic sea. There are new characters along the adventure, like Destiny (an enthusiastic Kaitlin Olson) and Bailey (a clumsy Ty Burrell). But still the show stealer is Hank, the Octopus ! The movie definitely will rekindle your Childhood memories.

Cast & Crew

5 / 5 - 1246
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