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Fri, Feb 22, 2019 | Last Updated 9:28 pm IST

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- 2/5
JAKKANNA : REVIEW ఈ సినిమా రివ్యూ ను తెలుగులో చదవండి

What Is Good

  • Sunil
  • Screenplay
  • Manara's glamour
  • Background Music

What Is Bad

  • Predictable Story
  • Editing
  • Songs
Bottom Line: Another Run-Of-The Mill comedy entertainer


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Comedian turned Hero Sunil has got no success in recent times. After his 'Mariyada Ramana' became an instant hit, he never got any successful movies under his belt. His long awaited 'Jakkanna' has finally got released. So what is the plot about ? There is nothing new when it comes to story, but the screenplay and treatment makes all the difference. The story is about a young man named Ganesh who has the habit of paying back to everyone for all the help he has received. He is so kind and thankful to everyone despite the help is small or big. Later he interferes in their lives and create disturbances. In this, he gets into life of Villain Bairagi who is never seen by anyone in City of Vizag. But everyone gets scared when his name is told. Female lead Manara Chopra is the sister of Bairagi and the rest of the story is about what disturbances Ganesh Create and did her won his love finally ? The answers should be known only on silver screen...

Star Performance

Sunil is leading among the whole cast. He tries to blend his comedy with few heroics and he has done it to perfection. His performance has improved a lot as an actor and he has changed his body language a lot. His dance movements are his biggest plus and he has utilized them perfectly. Saptagiri brings the roof down for his character as 'Kung Fu Panda'. He essays a role where he forgets very often. Scenes involving Sunil and Saptagiri are definitely a treat. Prudhvi raj has also done justice to the role. He has essayed role of C.I.Kattppa. He has done parody of star actor Balakrishna and his angry roles by imitating his dialogues and mannerism. However Balayya fans will not be happy with this. Mannara Chopra is just used for skin show. Her lip sync is too worse. She just adds more glam and glitz. Kabir Singh has also shown his another face and it is completely fresh.

Techinical Team

Dinesh has given some new phase of music and at times it is melodious and pleasant. Some times it is just plain noise. Screenplay is good and that is what has saved the movie. The climax is gripping unlike other comedy movies. Vamsi Akella has done an exemplary job in scripting this action comedy. Producer R.Sudharshan Reddy has given some exceptional production values. They are obvious. Cinematography is too vibrant and most of the scenes are filled with loads of colours. Frames show Mannara chopra's cleavage and other assets. Editing could have been better. Some scenes are too lengthy.


Sunil carries the movie single handed and he as usual rides on wheels of 'Comedy'. However some times things go over dosage and it annoys us. Editing could have been better. Music is also average. Heroine Mannara chopra's Lip sync is pathetic. 

Cast & Crew

3 / 5 - 753
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