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Wed, Nov 14, 2018 | Last Updated 7:02 pm IST

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Dobaara: See Your Evil Hindi Movie Review, Rating

- 1.75/5
Dobaara: See Your Evil Hindi Movie Review, Rating

What Is Good

  • Haunting Music
  • Dark lightings
  • Second half

What Is Bad

  • Shallow first half
  • More horror cliches
  • Editing
  • Story and Screenplay
Bottom Line: Run-of-the-mill scary flick once again!


Dobaara the evil based movie’s story is about London based siblings Natasha Merchant (Huma Qureshi) and Kabir(Saqib Saleem) grow up scarred. Separated from each other as children 11 year old Kabir is locked up in a mental facility for counseling because he is suspected to have committed a murder. The brother and sister combo reunite after a decade and this time around, Natasha is determined that she will find the culprit, kill `it’ and exonerate their family name.

Star Performance

As far as performances go, it’s Hussain who stands tall. The scene in which he loses his marbles and goes after his hapless wife is a knockout. His transformation from a doting dad to a violent parent is disturbing. The younger versions of Natasha and Kabir, acted by Rysa Saujani and Abhishek Singh, do what’s expected of them. Huma and Saqib’s chemistry is not much seen in the movie. Saleem’s performance as a sibling who is trying to grapple with the enormity of his family tragedy and is desperately seeking closure is restrained and fails to evoke empathy.

Techinical Team

The haunting music which is filled with thrilling moments is the asset for the movie. The first half of the film, set in a grey London, lays the foundation of what happened in their pasts, whereas the second half is filled with scary moments. Prawaal Raman had made the direction massively, but few scenes are bit lengthy and bores the audience.


Director Prawaal Raman rolls out a neat paranormal thriller without resorting to those done-to-morbid death clichéd thrills and unnecessary gore. There aren’t many thrills in the first half and that’s a shame. You may find yourself fidgeting in your seats and may often be distracted by Qureshi’s salon perfect hair. The movie will entertain thriller enjoyable audience to a greater extent. This one had the potential to be more, but it seems so stretched at times that you are almost willing to get behind the screen yourself and kill someone.

Cast & Crew

3 / 5 - 434
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