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Thu, Mar 22, 2018 | Last Updated 5:22 pm IST

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Neruppuda Tamil Movie Review, Rating

- 3/5
Neruppuda Tamil Movie Review, Rating ఈ సినిమా రివ్యూ ను తెలుగులో చదవండి

What Is Good

  • Fire Accident & Rescue Scenes
  • Screenplay
  • Action blocks
  • Villain

What Is Bad

  • Songs
  • Romance
Bottom Line: NeruppuDa is a soft thriller that keeps us engaged all throughout the 120mins except for the songs and romance portions. A neat thriller.


VikramPrabu is so much fascinated towards fire service right from his childhood and dreams to become a fireman. He also inspires four of his friends to pursue the same. They come across a small issue which blows out of proportion and disturbs them from there on. How do they come out of that issue is what has been narrated in the rest of the story. Everytime the issue seem to end at ease but it doesnt. Instead it keeps growing from someother point. 

Star Performance

VikramPrabu whose previous films were very average is in a stage to prove himself with a strong script and performance. And NeruppuDa is one such film. VikramPrabu has given his sincere efforts to this film and has performed really well. NikkiGalrani as Vasumathi, VikramPrabu's lover is here in a blink and miss role again and just contributes to few scenes and songs in this movie. Ponvannan as VikramPrabu's father has done a good role. Apart from them, the four friends of VikramPrabu have done complete justice to their characters given and are very much convincing on screen. There is a surprise cameo by one of the artists in a very powerful role that definitely needs a special mention. 

Techinical Team

The cinematography of the film is top notch. The fire sequences have been captured very well in this film and wish there could have been few more such scenes. Thanks to the editor for keeping the film tight. The runtime of 2hours7mins is a huge advantage for this film. Nowhere in the film it looked artificial except for the song sequences. The art director has done a commendable job in making proper use of the props and colors that make the frame look rich. SeanRoldon's songs are good and so are his background scroes. Except for the songs, the film is on its own path. Director AshokKumar has netted an interesting screenplay that keeps the audience engaged throughout. A lot of nots and twists are placed within, out of which many are convinving. 


Director AshokKumar has used fire service and fireman as the base plot and has given us a totally different thriller. All his detailing has worked out well. NeruppuDa is one of a subtle thriller that makes us sit relaxed but still keep guessing as what will happen next. Except for the love angel, romance portions, though it is very minimum and the songs that are speedbreakers, rest all works fine in this film. Thanks to the screenplay that is very interesting. The revealing of actual villain and the climax works bigtime. 

Cast & Crew

3 / 5 - 6611
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