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Sun, Feb 24, 2019 | Last Updated 6:10 am IST

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- 3.5/5

What Is Good

  • R-Rated stuff
  • F-Bombs
  • Unadulterated Humor
  • Action scenes
  • Visual Effects
  • Dialogues
  • Music
  • Cinematography
  • Editing

What Is Bad

  • Not suitable for Kids
  • Too much profanity
Bottom Line: The R Rated Superhero is here to stay in your heart and shake the box office, with his unadulterated, fun-filled action entertainment.


After Marvel Studios had created Box office Mayhem with their last release, the much anticipated Avengers: Infinity Wars which released with humongous expectations and left the audience stunned and doubly satisfied and happy, here comes their next, the second installment of the quirky superhero flick, the sequel to the 2016 blockbuster, Deadpool. With Ryan Reynolds returning to play the most loved R Rated Superhero, here's team AP Herald's exclusive first on net Deadpool 2 Review.

The film begins with the quirky superhero Deadpool/ Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), now a mercenary, returning to meet his girlfriend Vanessa, only to lose her soon. As he decides to kill himself after retribution. he's taken by Colossus to join the X Men. Deadpool happens to meet Russel Collins aka Firefist(Julian Dennison), and gets to know that the mutant mercenary Cable (Josh Brolin) has time traveled to the past to kill Russell. Now, Deadpool along with the X Force he forms must protect Russell from the evil and powerful Cable. How our crazy and comic superhero does it in style, is what the hilarious Deadpool 2 is all about.

Star Performance

Deadpool 2 completely belongs to Ryan Reynolds, as he steals the show, and runs the show with his comic antics, witty and over the top sarcastic, narcissistic oneliners, and terrific body language as the quirky and humorous superhero who's mostly humanized, Deadpool.  Josh Brolin returns from where he left as Thanos in Avengers and does a menacing and extremely convincing act as the antagonist Cable, and it is his act that takes Deadpool 2 to the rarely serious shots, in the movie which is, for the most part, a non-stop laughathon.

Zazie Beetz as Domino is impressive and her sequences in combination with Ryan are a treat to watch. Morena Baccarin in her brief appearance makes an impact, while Julian Dennison and Brianna Hildebrand are just about adequate.

Techinical Team

Background score by Tyler Bates is scintillating, and his score keeps the audience glued to the humor fest, with sheer goosebumps generated in each of the action episodes. Cinematography by Jonathan Sela is top notch, as he has captured the whole essence of blending action with humor in this perfect mix of a superhero entertainer Deadpool, to perfection, and has ensured each and every frame of Deadpool, be it the gore or the violence, ends up shot stylish. 

The director behind action epics like John Wick, Deadpool, and Atomic Blonde, David Leitch has made a return to helm the sequel to his most successful  R Rated superhero blockbuster, Deadpool 2. With the ever dependable Ryan Reynolds at the helm of affairs, anchoring the movie with his towering persona and his humorous antics that fill the screen with laughs even in the goriest of episodes, David Leitch yet again has a winner. With a very much potential plot for a serious action drama, David has pulled off the almost impossible feat of an entertaining, comic superhero flick with its fair share of emotions, that however takes a back seat as comedy is the ultimate winner here. 


With a disfigured hero taking the center stage and a team of crazy people joining hands to stop a mighty villain, Deadpool 2 is written with lots of conviction and audacity, and with numerous pop culture references, and the characters taking a dig at some of the superheroes of the own production house, and the witty cracks, entertains to the core.

Deadpool 2 with its angle of humanizing the superhero, appeals, engages, entertains, without resorting to the usage of an army of superheroes or the deploying of 3D, and scores high on humor laced action, and carefully avoiding cliches of Superhero flicks. Deadpool 2 also boasts one of the all-time best opening and post credit of Marvel universe, which is sure to make the audience laugh out loud. All said, Deadpool 2 is a massive winner who has all the potential to surpass the recent ensemble entertainer Avengers Infinity War, as the movie is that perfect mix of Violence and Humour, that is sure to rock!

Cast & Crew

3 / 5 - 90099
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