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Wed, Oct 23, 2019 | Last Updated 11:13 pm IST

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Aquaman Movie Review, Rating

- 3.5/5
Aquaman Movie Review, Rating

What Is Good

  • Jason Momoa
  • Visual Effects
  • Music
  • Cinematography
  • Screenplay
  • Humour

What Is Bad

  • Little dragy towards climax
  • Editing
Bottom Line: Aquaman splashes onscreen with a spectacular torrent and a waterfall of barnacle action


Post the mediocre result of the action hero ensemble from DC, Justice League, that brought back Superman to life, DC is back with the sixth installment of their extended universe, with Aquaman, joining hands with James Wan, the maker of blockbuster series like Saw, Insidious, Conjuring, besides Furious 7. With much expectations on this one to restore the faith of DC fans, has Wan lived up to it? Here's team AP Herald's exclusive first on net Aquaman review.

Thomas Curry and Atlanna fall in love and have a son Arthur, who becomes a warrior, but has to leave Atlantis as he's considered half breed. A year after the invasion of Steppenwolf, Arthur encounters few pirates, and in the confrontation, their leader Jesse dies, as his son David wants revenge, and he aims to destroy Atlantis. Mera, engaged to Orm, Arthur's brother reaches Arthur ti seek help, and what happens when Arthur and Orm have to fight it out for Atlantis, what happened to Mera, and was Arthur successful is what Aquaman is all about.

Star Performance

Jason Momoa as Arthur/ Aquaman has the perfect persona to play the character, and his macho attitude is apt for the action episodes and the duels which are engaging and entertaining. as he makes the stunts believable irrespective of the CG involved. Amber Heard is gorgeous as Mera, and is very well utilized in the subtle romantic angle in the movie. Patrick Wilson is menacing, and as the evil brother of Arthur, has been cast perfectly to play the negative shaded role. The rest of the cast including Nicole Kidman, Yahya Abdul, Willem Dafoe, is adequate.

Techinical Team

Rupert Gregson Williams delivers a stunning background score that keeps the audience engaged, as he elevates the heroism, the fall, and the rise of Aquaman beautifully. Cinematography by Don Burgess complements the CG very well, capturing the scintillating underwater duel episodes and the magnificent visual effects in a spectacular manner. Editing by Kirk Morri is taut. James Wan, after directing several horror franchises and scoring a blockbuster in the Furious series, this time ventures into the Superhero zone for the first time, with Aquaman, joining hands with DC. 


Aquaman takes off from where Justice League left, and sets into the plot with an insight into the birth and the past of Aquaman, and gets into action right from the moment Arthur encounters the pirates, and the first hour of the movie is filled with some twists, and as the movie enters the last hour, Wan packs the screenplay with some goosebumps moments, with exciting duels, and complemented by stunning CG, offers a visual feast for audience. Jason Momoa is completely acing the part, with his beefed-up physique, and Amber Heard as Mera keeps the proceedings bright and engaging. With the conflict between Patrick and Momoa interestingly set, with some sheer technical brilliance, James Wan makes sure, DC gets one of its best outings in recent times, with a pacy, gripping screenplay. All said, Aquaman is DC's resurrection act by James Wan, that entertains, and offers typical popcorn entertainment.

Cast & Crew

3 / 5 - 6425
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