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Mon, Oct 14, 2019 | Last Updated 5:21 am IST

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Bhairava Geetha Movie Review, Rating

- 1.75/5
Bhairava Geetha Movie Review, Rating


  • Glamour appeal


  • Story
  • Narration
  • Editing
  • Music
  • Weak characters
ఒక్క మాటలో: Bhairava Geetha is a bloodbath that deserves to be skipped

చిత్ర కథ

Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma had been promoting his latest Production venture Bhairava Geetha vigorously by comparing it with magnum opus movies like 2.0 and Baahubali and had been keeping the movie in the spotlight. Here's team AP Herald's exclusive Bhairava Geetha review.

Geetha is the daughter of a faction leader and she falls for her dad's henchman Bhairava which is not liked by her father. Now he's up against Bhairav. Whether Bhairava and Geetha United is what the movie is all about.

నటీనటుల ప్రతిభ

Dhananjaya is perfect as Bhairava and he has played his role well in the action hero mold. Irra Mor is sexy and oozed oomph on screen and looks gorgeous though tries hard to emote. The rest of the actors are adequate. The character sketches are too weak and the casting is too weak. The actors deliver a low-key performance. None of the actors fits the bill with respect to their characters. 

సాంకేతికవర్గం పనితీరు

Background score by Ravishankar is loud and jarring and none of the songs are impressive. Cinematography by Jagadeesh captures the violence of the movie perfectly and presents a bloodshed to perfection.

చిత్ర విశ్లేషణ

Debutant Siddharth has taken a very routine plot for his debut and has got the support of a maker like RGV but has let down everyone with his poor execution. His screenplay is tedious and never gains momentum. Despite the chemistry of lead pair and Irra Mor oozing oomph the movie never really engages and also with overdoses of violence Bhairava Geetha ends up as a stale product that never works and ends as a colossal disaster.

కాస్ట్ అండ్ క్రూ

3 / 5 - 6525
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