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Tue, Feb 19, 2019 | Last Updated 10:23 am IST

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Dil Deewana Telugu Movie Review, Rating

- 1/5
Dil Deewana Telugu Movie Review, Rating ఈ సినిమా రివ్యూ ను తెలుగులో చదవండి

What Is Good

  • Cinematography
  • Music

What Is Bad

  • Screenplay
  • Direction
  • Few Performances
  • Drags in the middle
Bottom Line: Routine and Boaring Love Story


Pavan (Dhanraj) and Prashanth (Venu) start off Dil Deewana proceedings with their voiceover. Surya (Raj Arjun) and Srilakshmi (Kruthika) are in love from past 5 years. But due to Surya’s prior commitment, he delays the marriage. In the meanwhile, Srilakshmi parents pressure her for marriage. Due to some problems Surya and Srilakshmi get separated.

Pavan starts the story 2: An aspiring assistant director Santhosh (Rohit) and upcoming costume designer Divya (Neha) fall in love, but due to some issues they both get separated.

In this Love stories a rich industrialist Thilak (Naga Babu) enters. How did their turn apart after that. Who is Thilak and whats his relation with these couples? Who are Pavan and Prashanth whats their relation with the Surya – Srilakshmi & Santhosh – Divya forms rest of the storyline.

Star Performance

Performances in the film are not upto the mark. Rohit is the only one who works decently on screen. Raj Tharun is middling in looks, need to work on his histrionics. Kruthika is fair in her role. While Neha failed to elevate her character through her performance. The Telugu actresses would have elevated the Scenes better. Venu and Dhanraj are okay. Naga Babu is promising, but character was not fully developed.

Techinical Team

As there was nothing much to support in the Performances part, but there are couple of departments which deserve a special mention. Firstly Cinematography in the film is major asset. Freshness can be witnessed in every frame of Dil Deewana. Cinematographer Jayapal - Vamsi succeeded in showing Hyderabad in a different way. Coming to Ram Narayan music two songs in the film stand out. BGM is effective. Editor Karthika Srinivas work is fine, but he should have edited the repeated few scenes which dragged the flow. The assistant director of Sekhar Kammula, Kiran Thumma is original to his version.

But he failed to provide the magic Sekhar has created on screen for his films. The screenplay is flawed. From start to finish you don’t connect with the film or its characters. The romance doesn’t work, the way the relationship between leads and their parents is put across on screen completely lacks maturity. Certainly a lot more was expected from a director who assisted Sekhar Kammula. The storyline of the film is boring. Production Values in the film are fair.


The story, script and treatment holds limited appeal with the romantic entertainment seeking audience of Tollywood. Some of the performances are terrible. Like those by Raj Tarun and Kruthika. Even though being a 126 minutes movie, it’s painfully slow at times. Overall, don’t bother watching Dil Deewana in theatre. Still keen on watching it? Wait for the DVD.

Cast & Crew

4 / 5 - 25
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