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Thu, Oct 18, 2018 | Last Updated 11:33 am IST

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Rudhramadevi (Rudramadevi) Telugu Movie Review, Rating

- 4/5
Rudhramadevi (Rudramadevi) Telugu Movie Review, Rating ఈ సినిమా రివ్యూ ను తెలుగులో చదవండి

What Is Good

  • Visual Effects
  • Songs
  • Background Score
  • Main Leads
  • Anushka’s Dual Role
  • Allu Arjun’s Extended cameo
  • War Episode
  • Second Half Emotional Sequences.

What Is Bad

  • Lags in Between
  • Slow Narration
  • Direction in parts.
Bottom Line: Our History - Our Pride. Must watch it for Rani Rudramadevi


RUDHRAMADEVI is a period drama graphing the early life and times of Rani Rudhramadevi, prominent Queen of Kakatiya. She was raised as a man Rudhradevudu from her puerility to secure the Kakatiya Empire from falling into foes hands. With the help of Minister Shiva Devaiyya (Prakash Raaj) and father Ganapathideva (Krishnam Raju), she excels in her action skills by indulging in sword fight and horse riding. Her secret is kept secret for 25 years, before a spy Mandanika (Hamsa Nandini) reveal true identity of Kakathiya dynasties next kin. From then Rudhramadevi gets caught up in the power struggle, issues with her courtiers, from the different empires, generals in her employ and sudden attack by Mahadeva Nayakudu (Vikramjeet). How did she save everyone from attacks? Was she successful in saving Kakathiya dynasty from falling? Did Gonna Ganna Reddy really hate Rudhramadevi? It forms the crux of the story line.

Star Performance

Anushka Shetty was very believable and appreciable as a royal torrid and a honorable woman. Hers is a dual character, that of next to kin “Rudhradeva” and of powerful “Rudhramadevi” are superb. She plays her dual role in her characters in style and lends credibility to both the characters. Allu Arjun stayed true to his character. There weren’t really any extra unnecessary scenes with the sole purpose to further glorify his character. His Telangana dialect deserves a special applause. His scenes are major assets of the film. Rana Daggubati did a decent job, but he had nothing much to do. Nithya Menon has a two-bit presence, and her only task is to smile or look grim.. Catherine Tresa did her bit well. The others in the cast Aditya Menon, Vikramjeeth, JP, Prakash Raaj, Aditi Chengappa and Suman are not too bad though nobody delivers a performance worth mentioning. Krishnam Raju was wasted in a short role, similarly Venu Madhav, Ajay, Vennela Kishore and Baba Sehgal comedy failed to tickle the funny bones. Veteran actress Ooha’s children Roshan (Chalukya Veerabadhrudu) and Medha (Rudramadevi) are promising in their short roles. Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Voice Over is major asset to the film.

Techinical Team

The story itself is compelling and because it is based on true story of Rani Rudhramadevi makes it all the more amazing.“Rudhramadevi” is one of those important true stories that needed to be told by someone other than Guna Sekhar. I wonder why director Guna Sekhar, who till date had scripted  good films like Laathi, Okkadu, Chudalianni Undi, Ramayanam and Manoharam ventured on this venture in the first place. It’s mostly the fans of Allu Arjun and Anushka who made it to the Benefit shows of this new release. To such audience shouting or whistling for a few times from the start of the film speaks for the flimsiness of it all.

The main issue with the film is that Guna Sekhar, who himself scripted the film, faltered in the script department itself. Even the dialogues were unbearable and silly at times. As of the direction the less said, the better. The director completely failed to highlight memorable moments from Rani Rudhramadevi’s rule and the struggle she went through to look and be like a man. One of the most important lesson for a film maker must learn is “Show the content, don’t tell it”. What this actually means is that rather handling the viewer at every point the director wants to get across, the writer should let the details come out naturally as a part of the story. To illustrate with examples what sort of woman Rudhramadevi is, what did she do for Kakathiya kingdom? Rather telling the point through a voice over, let the viewer see the content for himself. With film being complete visual medium, this is not a kind of problem I was expecting from a period drama, unfortunately this was a biggest problem with “Rudhramadevi”.

The cinematography Ajayan Vincent is really something to appreciate. The way he shot “Avuna Neevena Ne Vedhukutunna” song and characters introduction shots are the only saving grace. The music by Maestro Iiaiyaraaja is perfect tuned with the period and BGM elevates the action episodes. Even the picturization of the songs are good. The movie is very long 158 minutes, could have been done a better editing (A Sreekar Prasad) job. The costumes are good. Both the ladies and gents wear are completely fitted out with Kakathiyan style from head to toe. Yards of rich luscious fabric, decently decorated laces, beautifully recreated sculptures, flowers and jewels. Visual Effects are high light of the film for this shoe string budgeted film. Art work deserves a special mention. There isn't much to write home about the other departments. Production values of Gunaa Team Works is good.


Rudhramadevi is a monolithic and epic movie with spectacular visual effects and beautiful scenery. I liked how they presented Rudhramadevi's character and her struggle to be a powerful man in spite of heavy pressures. It’s a realistic looking period war film thats a complete crowd pleaser. Breathtaking in scope and action and surprisingly precise characterizations despite whatever ethnically dubious casting choices. Gunaa's expertise in the machinery of the genre reaches its pinnacle. The Rudhramadevi - Gonna Ganna Reddy final scene is stroke of genius. On the whole, Rudhramadevi is another epic from master Guaa, very enjoyable.

Cast & Crew

4 / 5 - 80286
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