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Mon, Oct 21, 2019 | Last Updated 12:56 pm IST

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India languishes in its villages:NSSO Survey

India languishes in its villages:NSSO Survey
India languishes in its villages:NSSO Survey
'India lives in it villages,' said Mahatma Gandhi. Our rulers of the day do emphasize the same with a variance i.e.: ‘Indian poverty lives in its villages.’ So does prove the 68th NSSO survey for 2011-12 on household consumer expenditure. As per this survey, 10% of our villagers eke out their life on Rupees 17 a day. It comes to a total of rupees 503.49 per month.  The survey as well concludes that half of the population of our rural areas live on a per capita daily expenditure of Rupees 34.33. The top most quintile (10%) of the rural areas lives on the per capita of Rupees 68.46 a day. That is it!!! ‘Thanks’ are due to the UPA-2’s inclusive growth and the bulwark of if it all the Rural employment guarantee scheme, we made it to this level. Otherwise imagine what would have been the scenario of our rural Bharat.  Our Urban India fares no better. The poorest 10% of our Urban populace lives on the daily per capita expenditure of Rupees 23. It turns up to Rupees 702.26 per month.  Thus henceforth let us never utter that India has given up on its project of socialism. Our ‘Netas’ have successfully managed to distribute poverty equally amongst our masses, save for a few billionaires, who find their place regularly on the Forbes. Henceforth, these Netas could fight on the issue of how many Kilo grams of rice and wheat are to be doled out to the people, in order to preserve this ‘Socialistic order,’ that they succeeded in establishing after more than 60 years of Independence.  And let us be prepared for another round of petroleum prices hike, wondering as to whether that rise is meant for filling the coffers of the private petroleum industry or else to subsidize this Socialistic order that was built up with so much of an ‘ordeal.’  
India languishes in its villages:NSSO Survey
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