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Mon, Feb 19, 2018 | Last Updated 7:19 pm IST

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Is Modi the savior of USA?

Is Modi the savior of USA?
Is Modi the savior of USA?
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USA always believes itself as the super power and with stockpile of the nuclear arsenal and powerful economic reserves, it dictates the foreign policies of various nations across the world. Except for few nations, all othere countries play second fiddle to the US. 

But in a surprising manner, many international commentators are of the opinion that Indian Prime Minister Modi will save USA from its maverick President Donald Trump. Currently, Modi is on a four-nation visit of Germany,Spain, Russia and France. 

Is Modi the savior of USA?

He completed his visit to Germany and is currently in Spain. During his visit to Spain, Ibiza conducted a survey. People of Spain are asked showing Modi's photo asking whether they can recognise him. 

The answers are nothing but sensational. Many told the female anchor that he is PM Modi and some stated him as the powerful Indian leader. Some said that he introduced Yoga to the world. One person shocked all saying Modi will be the savior of Americans who is suffering under Trump rule.

Is Modi the savior of USA?
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