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Thu, Oct 18, 2018 | Last Updated 10:57 am IST

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65-Year-Old Father-In-Law Marries 21-Year-Old Bride

65-Year-Old Father-In-Law Marries 21-Year-Old Bride
65-Year-Old Father-In-Law Marries 21-Year-Old Bride
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Roshan Lal(65) resides in Patna, in Samashtipur area. He had been on the lookout for fixing a bride for his dearest son and finally fixed his marriage with Swapna who resides in the same locality. Swapna is 21 years old. and the marriage was fixed with the consent of both the families.

65-Year-Old Father-In-Law Marries 21-Year-Old Bride

The marriage preparations were on in a grand scale, and both families started giving out invitations to everyone they knew, and the marriage, since it was scheduled on a Sunday had a huge turnout, and people arrived in large numbers, crowding the wedding hall.

However, as the bride was waiting with hopes, the bridegroom was missing and it was found that he had eloped with his lover. As both the families were clueless and were in huge shame with a heavy crowd arrived in the marriage hall, Roshan Lal asked her parents on what to do next.

Much to his shock, Swapna's parents wanted to save their honor and that the marriage should not be stopped and told him to marry their daughter. Roshan was shocked but finally the 65 years old married the 21-year-old, shocking the entire crowd. 

65-Year-Old Father-In-Law Marries 21-Year-Old Bride
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