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Wed, Oct 23, 2019 | Last Updated 8:50 pm IST

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The credibility of SVU incharge registrar under threat?

The credibility of SVU incharge registrar under threat?
The credibility of SVU incharge registrar under threat?
In an unfortunate event, the Students faced the burnt of incharge registrar's irrational behavior. sri Venkateshwara University is one of the oldest educational institutions in Andhra Pradesh, that is considered as one of the cultural heritage that Telugu people can be proud of. 

This university has produced many state and national level leaders and celebrities of various industries. Even the ex chief minister Chandeababu Naidu has had his post graduation in economics from here. But the latest brutality on diffretly-abled person might be blotch to the name for a very long time from now.

The registrar in charge has done something unthinkable to mention. A differently-able person use to give his services under corporate social responsibility, the differently-abled person use to lend his technological services.
This person by the registrar in charge, according to sources  was verbally abused by the staff of the university. When the differently-abled representative of the CSR company to let  go, the staff member supposedly have forcefully made him stay for about 30 minutes. 

Though, the representative was clarifying again and again that he does not have his signatory authority of this company, still the faculty have forced him to sign few documents. The very staff of the university have started to have divided opinions o the credibility of the organization they work for.

An education institution, which is suppose to have empathy of all, was not expected to behave so inhuman, and that too with a differently-abled representative of another company. They seem to have forgotten even the basic humanity to respect and reciprocate. The good will of the university started to a deep nose dive, when parent started questions themselves of what kind of value their children will be getting out o this university?

The credibility of SVU incharge registrar under threat?
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