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Mon, Oct 21, 2019 | Last Updated 11:26 pm IST

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YSRCP cadre not convinced on YS Jagan decision!

YSRCP cadre not convinced on YS Jagan decision!
YSRCP cadre not convinced on YS Jagan decision!

It is clearly visible in Social Media. Total YSRCP cadre has expressed their unwillingness first time on YS Jagan’s decision. They can’t do anything but just shared their views among themselves in different Social Media Platforms. Don’t think their averseness on lack of Sand and frequent interruption of Power cuts in the state but their reluctance is on recent joining of TDP leader into YSRCP. One should get doubt, why YSRCP cadre not happy when TDP leader joined into YSRCP. Joining of TDP leader Jupudi prabhakar Rao in YSRCP not made them happy.

Jupudi prabhakar Rao was ardent follower of late YSR when he was in Congress. He went along with YS jagan after YSR sad demise. Jupudi was made his counters strongly on CBN and TDP in debates when he was in YSRCP. He was on par with ambati rambabu in attacking CBN. Jupudi was contested as YSRCP nominee from Kodepi and lost to TDP in 2014 general elections. Not less than 6 months Jupudi was decided to join in TDP after he lost.

Even TDP cadre too not digested at the time of his joining in TDP after 2014 general Elections. But CBN invited him and gave MLC and SC/ST Chairman to Jupudi. Everyone has surprised on CBN gesture to Jupudi who criticized CBN and TDP several years before 2014. Jupudi lashed YS jagan in same manner after he joined in TDP in debates. He said that YS jagan is Psycho. Now, he again back to YSRCP after TDP lose the power in 2019 General Elections. This is time also Jupudi joined within 6 months of changed the ruling in AP. He said that he didn’t join in YSRCP for the sake of posts. YSRCP cadre is trolling Jupudi in Social Media and shared their views on Jupudi but forcibly expressed their willingness on jagan political decision.Of Course! TDP cadre too happy and assumed that Jupudi episode is the lesson to CBN.

YSRCP cadre not convinced on YS Jagan decision!
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